Salt Ashes


We admit we were a little late when it came to discovering one of the world’s best kept secrets – 22 year old Veiga Sanchez a.k.a Salt Ashes. Those are both some pretty badass names right? Now let’s rewind to Wednesday 19th February. While most of you were catching up with the Brit Awards, we were at Gold Dust Club at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen. We only found out about Salt Ashes earlier that day, and with only her debut single ‘Somebody‘ to go on, thought we’d check her out. Turns out that wasn’t a decision we’d regret – we went on to catch her live at Notting Hill Arts Club for their JuiceBox event & yep you guessed it, we’ll be at her next one later in April. I guess you could say we’re kinda obsessed, and all for good reason.

She’s already been picked up by the likes of Clash Music, The Guardian, The 405 & PopJustice (see links below) – having caught the attention of bloggers everywhere with her cover of Depeche Mode’s ‘Black Celebration‘ & debut release ‘Somebody‘ (produced with Cruelty who also did an incredible remix) as well as b-side ‘Little Dove‘. Having been described as Kate Bush meets Kylie Minogue and drawing influences from artists as diverse as Madonna, Daft Punk, MIA, Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk & Lindstrøm, Salt has her own unique sound and distinct blend of dark electro-synth pop styles. She is definitely a rare gem and has come a long way since her early beginnings. We can’t wait for her career to sky-rocket – we predict her headlining main stages, taking home major awards and working with some pretty high-profile fashion labels – as she’s worked so hard and is back to fight for her rightly deserved place within the industry.

Salt Ashes

Her track ‘If You Let Me Go‘ also sent blogs into a frenzy, and if you’ve caught her live, you’ll instantly fall in love with her incredibly powerful vocal range which echoes through your soul in Landslide  (< Click the link). Not forgetting, she’s also one of the nicest artists you’ll meet. We could probably go on and on but recommend you have a listen and go see her perform live. There’s loads of big things to expect from Salt Ashes, and we’ll definitely be sticking around.

Salt Ashes is currently in the studio recording her next single and is due to return to London later in April. She will be playing The Great Escape Festival in her hometown of Brighton this May. Her ‘Somebody’ EP is available to download via iTunes with a limited edition vinyl expected soon on Night Beach Records (UK) and Radikal Records (US).

Clash Music –

The Guardian –

The 405 –

PopJustice –


Follow Salt Ashes on Twitter & listen to her on SoundCloud.


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