Salt Ashes

20140418-193315.jpgSomebody take me, awaaaaayyyy….to see Salt Ashes again!

Last night we headed to The Nest, Dalston with Hashtag Music to catch Salt open for Yukstek & Alex Metrics with a very intimate set. Having been blown away at both Hoxton Bar & Kitchen and Notting Hill Arts Club recently, the change in set production (and without a full band except producer Cruelty providing his magic) this was definitely yet another one to remember. She will always continuously deliver a new experience each and every time. And when we say deliver, we mean deliver!

Her immensely powerful vocals are enough to not only pierce through the depths of your soul, but also tear down the roof create one hell of an earthquake if she could! Sound unreasonable? Have a listen to her reach some unworldly tones here:

Now as we mentioned, we’ve developed quite a crush on Salt Ashes. Well not that type of crush – although when asked if production on her latest single was finished, she was feeling the love and replied ‘I’m not single’. Easy Salt. We love you, but we’re not that forthcoming. Back to the music, it’s another one of those we really can’t get over. You can check out our in-depth post about Salt HERE. But seriously, what do we have to do to get her on the cover of major magazines, support slots, etc? This here is your Artist to Watch and we can’t stress enough how much you need her on your playlist. We’ll be following her all the way past her Grammy and other award wins.

For more videos, check our YouTube channel below:

Salt Ashes will play 2 dates at this year’s Great Escape Festival. Her debut track ‘Somebody’ has reached  over 51,000 plays on YouTube, with the Vinyl EP now available in the US on Radikal Records. Purchase your copy HERE.

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